Personalized Learning . . . because every child is unique

What is Personalized Learning

You may not be familiar with the term Personalized Learning. But, you will be hearing more and more about it, for it is becoming the darling of many schools across the country who are breaking the molds and successfully educating America's young people.

The Traditional Classroom

The traditional classroom is teacher-centered. The teacher generally presents the information in a lecture format while taking some questions from students. Student engagement is usually limited to note-taking or assigned homework.

The KingsPointe Classroom

The KingsPointe classroom is student- centered with Personalized Learning in all subjects except music and art. Students each have their own office where they learn to learn. They have a goal chart at their desk where, with the supervision of a teacher, they set their daily goals. This is where consideration of a student's ability takes place. If they accomplish their goals during class time, they have no homework except, perhaps, to review for a test. Now, that's a good motivator!

In short, the KingsPointe method of Personalized Learning is students learning on their own or having one-on-one assistance. This enables students who can comprehend a subject at a faster rate to move at their pace without being held back and bored. It also permits a student who is struggling a bit to accomplish his learning at his pace.

KingsPointe employs a curriculum that has 47 successful years in this field. It is used around the world in more than 6,000 schools. And, it is distinctly Bible based with a strong emphasis on character development.

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Why is Personalized Learning so Im[ortant

Every child learns at a different rate. And, most learn some subjects more readily than others. In other words, a perfectly normal child may learn history more readily than math. Or, he may be more adept at science than language arts. Those things do not make him abnormal. But, if he is forced into a lock-step program where he must learn each subject at the same rate as his peers, he may well fall behind, become discouraged, and, even, come to doubt his abilities. On that day, his future becomes compromised.

Each child deserves the opportunity to learn as God has equipped him.

KingsPointe can help.

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